The complex delicate anatomy of the brain and spine demands a dedicated commitment to the discipline of neurosurgery. This commitment you will find at Tariq Javed, MD, PC.

The following are testimonials from patients who were kind enough to share their neurosurgery experience. Major medical procedures are often fearful and uncertain; these testimonials serve as an unbiased characterization of Dr. Tariq Javed’s expertise knowledge and commitment to patient well-being.

Dr. Tariq Javed, Lateral Lumbar Fusion Testimonial

Dr. Tariq Javed, Meningioma Testimonial

Dr. Tariq Javed, Herniated Cervical Disc Testimonial

Dr. Tariq Javed, Spinal Stenosis Testimonial

Dr. Tariq Javed, Trigeminal Neuralgia Testimonial

“…I want to thank you for donating to the brain aneurysm foundation. More importantly I personally want to thank you for the care you gave to my mom in 2006. If it wasn’t for you, my mom may not be with us today.”

“…Thank you so much for your kind words in the card you sent to my father. My mother thought a lot of you and always trusted you in her health care. Our family knows that she was able to spend many more years with us because of your care. May God continue to bless you in your practice.”

“…I want to thank you and let you know how much I appreciated you taking the time to write a letter on my behalf to the Longterm Healthcare insurance company. Hopefully the underwriter will better understand my current health situation and reconsider my appeal for Longterm Healthcare. Either way, thank you for your letter verifying that my back issues were resolved after you performed surgery in June 2010. We feel very fortunate that you have guided our treatment of back and neck problems for the past 12 years. Your entire staff has always gone out of their way to be helpful. Thank you for being such a caring physician.”

“…Thank you so much for all you did for me that morning in January and for all the care you have provided since. I am so much better and have returned to being able to live my life in full again.”

“…I really appreciate you taking on my back surgery….where someone else didn’t do a good job. We are blessed to have you so close. Thank you for fixing me! I will always be grateful for you, your skills, and knowledge to perform the surgeries that you do.”

“…How do you thank someone for giving back your life – again? For the last five years of my father’s life, he lay in a hospital bed in my mother’s living room. I knew I did NOT want to spend my life like that. You have made it possible for me to have an active normal life. For this I will be eternally thankful. You are precious to me beyond words. Just ‘thank you’ does NOT seem like enough. I am old enough to be your mother and I love you like a son. You are special to me and to my family. A very big thank you for the very beautiful flowers. That was so sweet of all of you. Bess all of you always!!”

“…I wanted to thank you for taking care of me. You and your staff were amazing and so kind making my experience so easy. Once more, Thank You!!”

“…Many, many thanks for excellent care and friendship. I value you as a colleague and patient.

“…Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate you and your staff. Dr Javed, your professionalism and skill are incredible. The staff went over and beyond in their efficiency and caring manner, especially Jill, she helped so much in getting my son scheduled as quickly as possible. He is now pain free and is doing wonderful thanks to you all. He has such a different attitude and outlook. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for taking care of my son.”

“…I want to thank you for performing the surgery on my spine! I am grateful for your years of diligent hard work and studies that have brought you to where you are today. Truly God had a plan for you from birth in gifting you with the brilliant mind and ability that has enabled you to help so many people. At almost 6 weeks post surgery, I am doing very well. Thank you so much.”

…thank you for giving me back my life. Thank you for making my back pain free – thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and God Bless You for being here in GA for me…”

…you truly are very special, and I’m very thankful for you and how you have helped me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

…how fortunate for us we were referred to you. Please know how grateful we are for your knowledge, your skill, and your care. Thank you!!”

“…the purpose of this letter is to personally thank you for a successful surgery in removing the tumor from my right acoustic nerve. Words can never express my sincere gratitude to you for saving my hearing. Because of my age this was very important to me. I know the risks were high and my tumor was still in a small stage but your understanding of my concerns was truly appreciated. Your skills and passion towards your profession and patients is certainly recognized and appreciated…”

…thank you for seeing my father in such a timely manner. It was so encouraging to know he was in the hands of such a great doctor and office staff. I realize how busy you are, so the time you took with my parents means a great deal to me and to them. I appreciate all you’ve done!!”

“…thank you so much for everything you have done. Already my life is so much better not having to be in pain everyday. I wanted you to know what a wonderful job you do, from the front desk, to setting up surgery and filing all those claim forms. You made everything run smoothly and I was impressed with the warm cheerful atmosphere in your office. Dr Javed – thank you for what you have done. I hope you know how important your work is!”

“…sending you a note of appreciation for the wonderful way I’ve been treated by you and your staff. I’m grateful to be living pain-free. I have my life back! You made phone call and rearranged your entire day of surgery to get me in as soon as possible. Your office manager treated me with such kindness and respect, as did your office staff. Your generosity because of my status as a cash patient did my heart and soul as much good as the surgery was for my back. Thank you for your kindness…”

…Many, Many, Thanks for your great work on my back which now has given me the ability to keep up with my grandchildren again. I have never had an operation that helped so much!That includes two total knee replacements and two hernia repairs. I feel 10 years younger. THANKS AGAIN! …..”

“…I just wanted to say again thank you so much for all the help you gave me during my latest surgery. It meant so much to us to have supportive, smiling faces! Thank you and God Bless….”

“…I want you and all your staff to know how much my family and I appreciate all you’ve done for us. I feel GREAT- no pain, NO foot DROP!! However, it’s not being better, we appreciate the timeliness and kindness and courtesy all of your staff. That means a whole lot when you are hurting and waiting for answers. I’m learning a lot.”

…we are very thankful to Dr. Javed for his expert knowledge and skills, and for his willingness to come in during the night to care for her…”

“…I would like to thank you and your associate for all your kindness and professional attention you gave my husband during his doctor’s vacation. It is very gratifying to know there are some good people and professionals like yourself. Thank you so much for all you have done…

“…Allow me to express my sincere thanks for your professionalism, skillful care and neurological expertise that has made my recent back surgery a success. You truly are guardian angels. We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, especially your care of me, Thank you…

…thank you for returning our grandmother’s life back to her. After she fell last year, we were given bleak news regarding her future because of damage to her brain and her age. After you performed surgery and 6 months of recuperation, she has returned to the person she was over a decade ago! Thank you so very much!!…..”

“…I truly thank you for the successful procedure of which you performed to alleviate my painful condition. Because of your knowledge and skill, I now can move down the road to recovery. Since my surgery, I’ve come to know of two individuals who also experienced the same condition and treatment under your care and both have alluded synonymous results. This experience has marked another milestone for me and so to you and your staff, I will always be grateful…”

“…Dr. Javed has done two back surgeries for me – lower back and neck. He is a very shy, caring & companionate doctor. I feel very fortunate to have had him for my doctor. I have been truly blessed and thank God everyday for finding him. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t say to myself, “I have NO more pain!”. Thank you, Dr Javed…

“…I can’t thank-you enough for all that you have done. When I retook my first steps, I was overwhelmed with tears of happiness. I am able to walk again and it is because of you! Thank you for doing my surgery and making me 100% again! You and your staff are so professional and nice and great at what you all do! You truly are my “Superman”! Thanks again!!”

…thank you for returning our grandmother’s life back to her. After she fell last year, we were given bleak news regarding her future because of damage to her brain at her age. After you performed surgery and 6 months of recuperation, she has returned to the person she was over a decade ago! Thank you so very much!!”